Sustainable Medical Design for the
Developing World

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The goal of this course is to expose and educate students in the areas of medicine, communication, knowledge of human cultures, business and medical device design ultimately leading to improved access to health care for people in resource poor areas of the world.

The world needs people that can solve problems, think out loud, be creative and work together. Are you one of those people? Are you interested in helping people in developing countries?

Browse our site, fill out the application/ survey so we can place you in a diverse group. We will email you the course number for registration. We'd love to have you!

This course partners student teams along with physicians, business people, community leaders and educators. The students will develop business and design requirements for specific international medical applications.

Small teams of students will be assembled to understand the needs of low cost medical technology in resource poor countries and will work with Utah doctors, nurses and technicians who have experience overseas in humanitarian health care practices.

The students will develop strategic business plans that can form the basis for sustainable businesses in resource poor areas of the world. Through this course we plan to focus on the large questions of our contemporary world to sow seeds of economic well-being while at the same time providing desperately needed medical technology.

This class is a two-semester experience that may provide the option for international travel on a humanitarian medical mission in the summer following the course. Students will be selected to participate in this class based on their background, interest and willingness to contribute to a multi-disciplinary, collaborative and innovative design experience.  


Covers 1 of these general education requirements each semester:
1.Social/Behavioral or 2. Applied Science (Semester One)
1.Social/Behavioral or 2. Applied Science (Semester Two)

Friday 9:40-10:30am~Lecture
Tuesday 2:00-5:00pm~Group Meetings

Course location — 2405 MEB

Undergraduate Studies 3800